For an anarchic International (an approximate manifesto)

The pandemic of covid and its variations, that as of today directly caused more than 6 millions deaths in the world, and indirectly caused more than 15 millions, is for the most part a consequence of the environmental devastation caused by capitalist exploitation of the whole living [1] [2] [3], and of the material and cultural misery it determines and pursues.

The onset of new pandemics and their increasing frequency were foreseen by many scientists (see the previous links). Nonetheless, even in the richest countries, the pandemic stroke after a long period during which nothing was done by those who could do the most to reduce the risk that those predictions foresaw; instead, they weakened further the public health systems (the italian one, for example, had undergone massive cuts during the previous ten years, which were made by institutional right, center, left parties to almost identical extents: see [1] and [2]).

The anti-covid vaccines which are currently disposable in the richest countries do work: they are statistically very effective in preserving people who accept to get vaccinated from getting ill, although they provide a rather brief cover. But, despite the fact their development was financed to a great extent by rich states with money from tax payers, these same states in developed countries buy them at a price per dose that is up to 24 times its cost of production, while the states where the large majority of the people of the world lives can’t afford to buy them and the bosses of pharmaceutical multinationals producing them don’t remise, not even temporarily, to the related patents, and don’t publish the know-how that’s necessary to build the machines to produce them, nor are they disposable to help in building these machines and to train the people who could use them within less rich and poor countries.

This way, the covid and variants pandemic will never be defeated, and other, new pandemics will happen more and more frequently.

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